Skin Solé Face Peeling Cleanser

Cleans and soothens your skin deep into the pores. Optimal preparation of your skin for deep turbo-tan. Unevenness of your complexion is nourished. You remove excess sebum and old dander and prevent pimples and blackheads. With vitamin B3, Aloe Veraa and Hyaluronic Acid. 100% matched to your Tanner.

Skin Solé Face Tanning Turbo

The N°1 Turbo Tanner of the VIP’s. This Turbo-Tanner tans you within 20 minutes into the deep layers of the skin. Herbal ingredient ensures a very exceptionally long-lasting and natural-looking tan. The 12 hours after-tanning effect is enormous and works purely natural. Summer tan without stains, without greasing and without damaging UV rays. With the vitamins A C E F, retinol, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid.100% matched to your natural exfoliation.

After showering I spray on the exfoliator first – on the entire body. I wait for a few seconds till my skin absorbed it and follow up with spraying on the self tanner. Already after 15 minutes my skin is perfectly naturally tanned and smells great on top. – Nadja Atwal

ENHANCE & EXTEND ….your golden color. Bellini is a bestselling, anti-aging self-tanner from Europe that works in record time. After 15 minutes you already see the first result, which intensifies over the next 24 hours, yet always looks natural. On top of that it’s loaded with anti-aging ingredients and smells divine. – 

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